Saturday, November 14, 2015

Comet: kinda confusing but it had some good moments



After meeting by chance at meteor shower, pessimist Dell (Justin Long) and insightful Kimberly (Emmy Rossum) begin a 6 year journey through a relationship that blooms and fades over time. The movie is shown through glimpses of parallel universes and flashbacks that are not chronologically ordered, showing the viewer the progression and depression of their intricate relationship.

The timelines are convoluted that I failed to determine which is after which.. Even wiki is unable to help. so sorry. I'll expand the plot part when I get to watch this movie again later. one thing that I particularly like about Dell's characterization is that he is so forthcoming. he just says what he wants to say regardless of the outcome. like asking for Kimberley's number outright in front of her date for the meteor shower. nasib baik mamat tu tak hempuk je dia kat situ, hahaha..

I love the cinematic shots of this film. and the way JL and ER looks different effortlessly for each timeline.. Dell also has some memorable quips. what I really don't love is Kimberley's moodswings. they are simply too much to handle.

update -> after watching this movie for a second time, now only did I understand the story. and it's kinda good. a love story of two f-up person. Dell falls in love Kimberley because she's a little crazy, which is perfect for him, he thought. little did he know, the craziness in her drove his already neurotic self into despair when they fought over simplest miniscule things.

Dell taught Kim to lie, because he believed lies are always there in a relationship, so better make up some lies, as they progress into their relationship.. only to have that belief bit them in the ass, causing fights and break-ups when both parties can't handle the lies. truth to be told, Dell is the one that can't handle the lies. he flew off the handle so quickly, being that pessimistic. it's only lucky that in the end, he managed to finally get over his pessimism and stupid 5 minutes rule, to realize Kimberley's lie about Jack and her pregnancy.

sigh.. so many drama. the first time watching it, I couldn't get over my disappointment of Kimberley's behavior at the hotel in Paris. the second time watching it, I disliked Dell's rash behavior even more. he shouldn't have flushed the ring into the toilet in fits of anger. it's as if he doesn't really want to get married.

all in all, it made you reflect on relationship. Dell was often worried that he will miss good things in life, not to realize that it was his actions caused him to miss it.. like the way he missed the comet shower and the right moment to propose. to make it work in life, you have to grab the moment and not let the worries distract you.. just like the ending of this film :)

sad :'(


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