Tuesday, June 12, 2012

the Ventriloquist: a short story on how a life is changed

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the Plot:
Kevin Spacey plays Frank a shy and lonely ventriloquist whose puppet, Higgins, is much more outgoing (and outspoken) than he is. At just over 10 minutes in length, "The Ventriloquist" packs a whole lot of funny into its short running time and delivers one heck of a performance by Spacey as both the puppet master and the dummy.

in short 8 mins or so, we are treated to the story of miserable Frank who makes ends meet by being a Ventriloquist constantly heckled by his puppet. Frank secretly admires Stephanie (Erin Cahill), the girl who tends to a coffee stall he always frequents. one day, Higgins spilled out Frank's feelings for her and this spirals into an embarrassment as Stephanie politely refuses Higgins' invitation for a date with Frank. Higgins later on eggs on a passerby which results in Frank having a black eye.

at home, Frank's misery and anger further seethes as Higgins keep nagging on him, and Frank finally snaps.

the next morning, Higgins is missing. Frank frantically searches for him but in vain. he sits miserably at a bus stand until a lady cheerfully greets him good morning. Frank soon realises that finally without Higgins, his life is changing, maybe better. consoled with this fact, he finally smiles and looks on happily.

the Riviu:
to think that KS really operates Higgins, that is really COOL, old skool COOL ! the story was simple and straightforward. and in the span of 8 mins or so, a story about a person and how he can change his life is simply put forth to us the audience. without fail. perhaps the theme of thiws story is that we often let our outer self to tell things that we think the world wanna hears. but what is important is that we let our true inner self to come forth. with that maybe we will have a chance at changing our lives.

from what i think of Higgins-Frank conversation is that it's all in his mind. once Frank snaps at Higgins, he no longer sees him exist. perhaps the puppet was on the table but Frank could no longer see Higgins as the extension of his self, and thus the puppet ceases to exist.

i dunno, well, that's what i think. what do you think?

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