Monday, January 2, 2012

A Christmas Kiss

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The Plot:
Wendy (Laura Breckenridge), a downtrodden aspiring interior designer working for a bitchy boss, Priscilla Hall (Elisabeth Röhm) was caught in an elevator shutdown with a handsome stranger. a few bumps down the storeys, they shared a kiss and sparks flew off. once the elevator opened, Wendy just fled. she somehow related the incident to her roomamtes, Caroline (Laura Spencer), an aspiring actress working part time at the Cafe and Tressa (Jerrika Hinton), a wardrobe manager at the Boston Theatre. Wendy lamented that she won't be able to find the stranger again. however if fate wanted them to be together, they'll bound to find each other again.

and yes, they met again. Adam (Brendan Fehr) was Priscilla's oft-travelling boyfriend who is back in town to spend the holidays as well as watch the opening night of The NutCracker showing at the Theatre that his family is sponsoring. but unfortunately Adam didn't recognise Wendy as she was all decked up on the first night they met. dejected, Wendy just accepted the fact that he's off the list. besides, Priscilla keeps trumpeting that Adam is going to propose to her on the night of the Nutcracker opening at the party he's having at his apartment. the party that Priscilla supposed to design the decor but ending up taking the credit for Wendy's works.

wendy kept allowing Priscilla to browbeat her, despite the advise from her friends. but in the mean time, due to some mishap suffered by Priscilla, Wendy got to spend some time with Adam whilst decorating his home for the party. and Adam kept having doubts about Priscilla as they don't share the spark he shared with the girl in the elevator. nonetheless, Priscilla got back before the party and spotted that Wendy had been sharing some time with Adam. wendy was fired, and Priscilla bulldozed Adam into agreeing on their sham of an engagement.

on the night of the party, Adam realised that it was Wendy who is the right person for him. in the final showdown between him, priscilla and Wendy, Wendy stood up to Priscilla and confessed to everything, that it was Wendy who designed everything that struck a chord in Adam's heart, and that she's in love with him. but as he was blind to all that matters, Adam deserved Priscilla.

as Wendy left, Adam called it quits with priscilla, took the ring back, and pursued Wendy in the elevator. as it is, they made up.

the Riviu:
the story is a typical rom-com comedy. what really stood up to me is the friendship that Wendy had with her roommates. they are cool! as for Adam, his acting is quite stunted. hmmm.. i was a big fan of him during Roswell times. Wendy was nice. she played her part well. as for Priscilla, she's really bit*hy, we're happy to hate her.

apa-apa pun, layan je la :D

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