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Pride & Prejudice 2005: owh Mr Darcy!!

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based on Jane Austen's novel of the same name, Pride and Prejudice tells the tale of how two opposite characters, Lizzie Bennet (Keira Knightley) and Mr Fitzwilliam Darcy (Matthew MacFadyen) fell in love with each other and found out that in actual truth, they are so similar with each other. Accused of pride, Mr Darcy suffered the prejudice of Lizzie Bennet and in the course of winning her heart over, had caused his besotted bestfriend, Mr Charles Bingley (Simon Woods) to abandon his fond attachment to Lizzie's elder sister, Jane (Rosamund Pike), mistakenly so as Jane hardly showed any attachment to Mr Bingley due to her acute shyness.

the fact is, having 5 daughters with the house being entailed to Mr Collins (Tom Hollander), the cousin of Mr Bennet (Donald Sutherland), Mrs Bennet (Brenda Blethyn)was desperate to marry her daughters off. Mrs Bennet's antics were embarassing, her eagerness that Jane would soon ensnare a wealthy man in Mr Bingley became a major humiliation to Jane when Mr Bingley left. in the meantime, Mr Collin married Lizzie's best friend, Charlotte Lucas (Claudie Blakley) as Lizzie had rejected his earlier proposal.

during her stay with her uncle's family, Lizzie uncovered the cause of Jane's broken heart was due to the machinations of Mr Darcy. as Lizzie escaped out in the rain to deliberate on this new information, she was bombarded by the sudden proposal from Mr Darcy who followed her. to her ire, Mr Darcy insulted Lizzie inadvertently by numerating all the demeaning facts that should discourage him from falling in love with her in his speech of offering matrimony. he cited that the Bennets lower stand in the society, the nonsensical younger sisters in form of Kitty (Carey Mulligan) and Lydia (Jena Malone), the lack of propriety of Mrs Bennet. incensed, she refused his offer of hands and left with accusations of him having caused Mr Wickham (Rupert Friend), a common acquaintance, to a life of misfortunes.

love his beautiful eyes!!!

however, it was later revealed that Wickham is the real scoundrel who broke Mr Darcy's younger sister's heart. Wickham had flirted with Georgiana Darcy (Tamzin Merchant) and had proposed an elopment. however he bailed out after knowing that he won't be able to touch even a penny of Georgiana's inheritance. Wickham later on persuaded the oft-scandalous Lydia to leave her home and be with him. the scandal was unbearable and in his suble ways, Mr Darcy had found the runaway couple and settled the matter so that Wickham marries Lydia in order to save the Bennets' honour.

and later on, Mr Bingley visited the Bennets with Mr Darcy without his haughty sister, Caroline Bingley (Kelly Reilly). discouraged at first, Mr Bingley left the house without saying what he came to say. Mr Darcy bolstered his confidence with the fact that Jane Bennet is really fond of him, she's just to shy to say it. so Mr Bingley reentered the Bennets' residence and requested to speak with Jane. Alone.

to his proposal, Jane answered:

and the family rejoiced, while Lizzie was left pining for Mr Darcy who left them without saying a word. later that night, Lady Catherine de Bourgh (Judi Dench) came to the Bennets, commanding a private conversation with Lizzie. the Lady who was Mr Darcy's aunt, demanded that Lizzie promises not to be in a relationship with him as she had planned the matrimony of Mr Darcy with her own daughter. Lizzie was insulted and requested that Lady de Bourgh leave the home.

for the whole night, she couldn't sleep and decided to wander in the fields at dawn. and a familiar figure approached~

the Characters:

the Review:
what else can i say? i'm besotted with this movie and could not find any fault. even tried comparing it with the 1995's tv series of the same adaptation and found that the 2005 win hands down.. the shy beauty Jane, the witty sage Lizzie and most of all, the irresistable Mr Darcy.

i love the movie, it was apt and simple but totally beautiful.. the score was fitting, the casting superb. totally a 5 star :)

the Bennet girls of 2005 were so fitting with their characters, kan? it's obvious that Jane is the beauty, Lizzie the willful, Mary the awkward middle, Kitty and Lydia the giggling nonsensical pair~~ and i rather like the close friendship shared by Lizzie and Charlotte. the 1995 version didn't put much stock in it.

i wish to point out that one of the memorable scenes was Jane's reaction to Mr Bingley's proposal. it even outshine the Elinor's reaction in Sense and Sensibility as shown here:

awwwww... so sweet, sweet dear heart ~~

the other would be the declaration of love of Mr Darcy as he met Lizzie at the fields. i couldn't embed the score for Dawn. so i chose to share this fan-made vid with you guys :)

in simple gestures, it conveys that most romantic declaration warrants not a lip lock. a kiss on the knuckels, meeting of foreheads and a touch on the face would suffice..

sigh. i'm nuts about this movie :)

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