Thursday, March 15, 2012

Monster in Law: YAY for Ruby!

as promised, Monster in Law~

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the Trailer:

the Plot with Pix:
a nice girl, Charlotte "Charlie" Cantilini (Jennifer Lopez) met a man of her dreams, Dr Kevin Fields (Michael Vartan), a surgeon who just moved into the neighbourhood. they dated for a few months and shortly after moving in together, Kevin brought Charlie to meet his mother, Viola (Jane Fonda), a famous achor who just got replaced and suffered a meltdown.

Viola was welcoming to Charlie as she thought that maybe Kevin was not serious with Charlie.

Kevin had proposed to Charlie in front of her mother. and she accepted. from thereon, Viola devised a sneaky plot to get Charlie out of her son's life with the help of her faithful, sassy mouth Ruby (Wanda Sykes).

Viola made Charlie's life a living hell and Charlie, being a good girl she was, tolerated Viola as much as she could. until Remy (Adam Scott) who was Charlie's gay friend/neighbour found out that Viola was checking up on Charlie's background...

Morgan (Annie Parisse) and Remy then helped Charlie to triffle through Viola's things. next Charlie found out that Viola was playing a ruse in making both Kevin and Charlie believe that she was sick and needed to be on medication as well as having to be with them.

so Charlie devised her own plot to get back at Viola which she executed with finesse. and at a lunch appointment, the odds were laid out..

Viola even got to poisoned Charlie by feeding her nuts (she's allergic to that) on the night of the wedding, causing Charlie's face to bloat up and swell!

however, waking up, all was well again, Charlie's face intact. pleased with herself for being able to handle Viola, Charlie was happy on her wedding day. everything was going well,...

...until Viola sailed through, wearing white, aimed at dimming the effect the bride was going to have on the wedding guests..
the war of words ensued and slaps were exchanged. then Gertrude (Elaine Stritch), Kevin's paternal grandmother walked in, exchanging snide remarks with Viola that are not unlike the one Charlie and Viola had bartered with each other.

after witnessing the altercations between Gertrude and Viola, Charlie felt that perhaps she and Viola would end up like that in 30 years on. so she decided to break off the wedding.

as Charlie left to talk to Kevin, Ruby gave Viola an earful of much terrible Viola was as compared to Gertrude. to that Viola replied that what she did was to secure her son's happiness. and Ruby shot out "at what point did you think he's unhappy?"

having an epiphany, Viola summoned Charlie to have a word with her, pleading with Charlie to go with the wedding. recognising the goodness in Viola, Charlie made amends and the wedding was on, as it should have been.

before the newlyweds left, Kevin sought his mother and hugged her good bye.

the Riviu:
the movie was enjoyable somewhat. the sidekicks are memorable too. i'm pleased to note that Adam Scott was in this movie as a prying eccentric gay friend of Charlie. the animosity between Charlie and Viola is believable. the same thing could be said about Kevin and Charlie. it seems to me that though Kevin and Charlie have a believable chemistry, they somewhat lack the spark. and i couldn't understand why Charlie live her life as she did, being a temp and doing odd-jobs.

anyway, Ruby is the person that always provided the punch lines and comedic reliefs. she's a riot and fun to wath. kudos for Wanda Sykes!

the Slaps Fight was also funny to watch. merah muka mak ngah :)

this movie is quite stingy with songs. otherwise it would have been nicer. i love to note that Charlie puts Viola above Kevin when she demanded that Charlie talk to her first. it shows that she really IS a good girl. and Kevin hugging his mom before leaving was also a very nice touch and a testimonial that he is a GREAT guy.

they deserve each other :)


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