Sunday, May 13, 2012

Two Similar Mousedeers: Jeremy Renner vs Daniel Craig

... TSM or in its original language: Pelanduk Dua Serupa.

this is simply a Malay simile to describe 2 person who is a spitting image of each other.

i was watching Jeremy Renner in the Ghost Protocol and was acutely reminded of Daniel Craig in Casino Royale.

which prompted me to watch Casino Royale again, for the sake of another Slow-Pokey post. and made me somewhat impatient for the Avengers film to come out on the Net, JR is cast as Hawkeye in the movie.

yup, one of the reasons for my tardiness in reviewing fresh-from-the-oven movies is that i'm not allowed to go to the cinema to catch up on the latest flicks. i had to settle by waiting oh-not-so-patiently for the DVD version to be available on the Net.

me = LAME.

anyway, back to TSM, i had this uncanny feeling that these 2 guys are sort of look alike. perhaps they should be cast as brothers? :wink: :wink: hollywood people, do take note!

Jeremy Renner

Daniel Craig

maybe it was the nose, the complexion or the square cut face. oh well, maybe it was all me.

do you think that JR is similar looking to DC? let me know by dropping your comments ya.

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