Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Date Night

i put off watching 'Date Night' for quite a time. and one boring night, decided to have a go at it.

a few plots seem too much inplausible.. for example, the polices are quick at identifying the Fosters as the culprits behind break and entering but somehow let them go at that without bringing them to justice. which is a wonder for me.

but to give the movie credit, i do dig the Fosters. they are just a normal couple, in love with each other but just find that the zing just left their love life. their ritual at having a customary date night is commendable. it shows that they do try to have a couple time. something that today's couples should have too.

and they have this comfortable way of sharing the same interest, that is, guessing at other people's conversation/relationship :grins: i mean that's cool!

the movie is enjoyable from start to finish. i laughed out loud for the scenes at the club. the one where the corrupt DA commanded that they dance, they did, only with each other! which is funny, given the situation, they are at pole dance club for goodness sake! and the one when the husband helps the wife to do the 360 degrees rotation by the pole, hilarious!

yup. i do enjoy the movie :D

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