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Something Borrowed: so sedih!

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the Plot:
Six years ago, Rachel (Ginnifer Goodwin) introduced her best friend Darcy (Kate Hudson) to Dex (Colin Egglesfield), Rachel's fellow law student, whom she has a crush on but thinks he'd never be interested in her. Now Darcy and Dex are engaged, with Rachel the maid of honour, but an offhand remark from Rachel in which she admits having had a crush on Dex during law school, leads to Dex admitting similar feelings and the two end up having a guilty affair. it all starts when Rachel attends her 30th birthday party that is being thrown for her by her best friend since 5th grade, Darcy. We quickly learn that Darcy is the loud, confident, party girl while Rachel is the quiet, demure, self deprecating girl. Darcy is engaged to Dex, Rachel’s friend and crush from law school. By the end of the night Rachel and Dex have slept together and the questions about love and friendship begin for this small group of 30-something New Yorkers.

the Riviu:
i love this movie dem too much. it was heart rendering and unique. though the moral issue of an affair with your best friend's fiance should have been rendered in a negative light, in so many little ways, i was brought to understand both Rachel and Dex's position. they used to have feelings for each other but due to Rachel's insecurity, she walked away too often from her true love. as for Dex, he was raised to do the right thing, to fulfill what is expected of him and to make everyone's happy.

at times, Rachel does hesitate and does not insist on any commitment from Dex. but at other times, the fighter in her does erupt to let Dex know that she's none too happy watching Darcy with him after they come clean about each other's feelings. her feelings are on her sleeves and Darcy being the selfish and self-centered person, failed to recognise it. Only Ethan (John Krasinski), the delightfully sarcastic childhood friend of both Rachel and Darcy notices the actual happenings and catches Rachel on her secret.

there is this character, Claire (Ashley Williams) who's obssessed with Ethan. her unrelenting pursuit and eagerness are disdainly scoffed at by Ethan. it was a pity to be in the girl's shoe. so optimistic for nothing. but she left with a quip worth thinking about: "at least i tried"

Ethan is always cynical and scathingly sarcastic around Darcy. he saw who she really was and their sparks made me think that there is something between them. to my disappointment, Darcy cheated on Dex with Marcus (Steve Howey), a hippy womaniser. and Ethan packed his bags off to England, without so much care about attending Darcy and Dex's wedding.

and what really earned this movie its 5 stars was Rachel and Dex. they are both good people with missed chances and terrible timing. it taught me to not hide my true feelings if i want something. the night Rachel let Darcy wins Dex, it was the mistake of her life. as she cried, hiding her tears in smiles, i cried too. it was so sad.. and when in the morning of the 4th of July when they spend some time together, trying to figure out what they really have together, it touched my heart when Dex says "i love you" when Rachel wakes up.

they then walked to the park and Dex wanted to hold Rachel's hand but she refused, feeling it's not right to show some intimacy in public. good enough because they ran into Dex's parents. noticing there is something between Rachel and Dex, his father warned him off the affair. Dex was told to stop seeing Rachel and do what's right i.e. marry Darcy.

being the obedient son, Dex walked Rachel home. at the door, he asked Rachel to remember what he had said in the morning, and that he meant it. after that he simply walked away and resolved to go through with the wedding.

however, it was easier said than done, on both parties. when Rachel again walked away from Dex in the rain, she remembered that it was her fault that Dex now belongs to Darcy. she walked away from him so many times, hiding her true feelings, and gave away for Darcy's happiness. She ran back to Dex and asked him to call off the wedding. Dex simply stared at her and said that it was too late.. broken hearted, what with Darcy admitting that she cheated on Dex with a friend and Rachel unable to use that info to cancel Dex and Darcy's wedding, she decides to jet off to England to see Ethan a week before the wedding.

when there, Ethan confessed that he might be in love with Rachel (it broke my heart somewhat) but he downplayed it to missing her so much. Rachel was very gracious that in turn Ethan admits that in Rachel's heart, Dex is still there. after the credits of this movie, it was showed that Darcy had seek Ethan at London. which means the future romance of Ethan and Darcy is still on in the sequel: Something Blue :)

even though one may say that adultery is a bad thing, two timing your fiance with her best friend is much worse, i couldn't help but root for both Dex and Rachel. Rachel is innately a good person, a good friend who really means goodness for others. she didn't mean to hurt Darcy who was actually somewhat of a guilty party too, what with her affair with Marcus and having his child but intending to marry Dex nonetheless. it's a good thing that Dex calls off the wedding. otherwise it would have been rotten for Darcy will not disclose the info to him.

i also love the ending of this movie. after realising that it was Rachel whom Dex is leaving her for, Darcy rages on and vows not to speak to Rachel ever again. but two months after that they bump into each other in the streets. Darcy seems miserable and less of a sunny wild girl she once was. they talk a bit and Rachel apologises, not for having a relationship with Dex but for hurting Darcy. Darcy then walks away and waves Rachel goodbye.

Rachel walks on and met Dex who was waiting for her around the corner. taking the stuffs she's carrying, they then walk off together, holding hands~ it was so sweet and heart-rendering.

the many Pix:

the 2 best friends

Darcy epitomises her party girl status

Dex introduces Marcus to Rachel

that night, Rachel admits her feelings for Dex back in law school

the night years ago when Darcy first met Dex and Rachel forsake her feelings for him

Rachel felt uneasy after her slip of tongue whilst Dex was processing the info. As a result, they made out in the cab

Rachel woke up to find Dex in her bed. as Darcy's calls screamed for their attention, Dex, though in panic, assures Rachel that the one night stand is a mutual thing, she was not alone in making the jump into bed

Darcy teases Rachel about Marcus whom she thought Rachel is being intimate with. Dex squirms, no less

the four Friends spending summer weekends at the Hamptons

Claire with all the signals zooming towards Ethan, had failed to recognise Ethan's disdain for her lavish attention

Ethan rather confessed that he's gay instead of telling Claire the truth

claire, supporting Ethan's quest of gayness :)

Dex and Rachel's first attempt at holding hands

Dex and Rachel spend the 4th of July together to get to the bottom of their feelings

Rachel woke up to "I love you"

it hurts Rachel to watch Dex with Darcy, after she and Dex both confessed their feelings for each other

Darcy is so dense that she gets Rachel to compose her wedding vows instead

Ethan was mad at Rachel for not realising that he's the only one who cares about her welfare

Rachel, drenched after she ran out in the rain and then came back to ask Dex to be with her instead. he however regretfully said that it's too late

Darcy, alone and pregnant. she and Rachel make amends somewhat

the Couple walked away, holding hands :)

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