Monday, February 27, 2012

Puss in Boots: sometimes the Side Dishes are much better

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the Plot:
it's the story of the humble beginning of Puss the Boots (voice of Antonio Banderas), of how he earned the Boots, a friend in Humpty Alexander Dumpty (voice of Zach Galifianakis) who was an imaginative inventor with a dream of Magic Beans and a Mother whom he respected so much.

Puss was raised in an orphanage with Dumpty and earned the Boots when he saved the Commodore's mother. being a hero is natural to him and with Puss in the limelight, Dumpty was left to seethe and plot on how to get rich, to get the Magic Beans to grow the Beanstalk and ultimately the Golden Eggs.

somehow, due to a bank heist that Dumpty tricked Puss into abetting, Puss became an outlaw to their hometown and Dumpty was left incarcerated. few years on, their path crossed again with the help of Kitty Softpaws (voice of Salma Hayek)with the common goal to get the Magic Beans from the mean Mr Jack and Mrs Jill. little did Puss knew what was in store for him...

the Riviu:
after the Shrek franchise ran its course, came the spinoff, Puss in Boots. with the Grimms' and Aesops' fables tweaked here and there for numerous times, the story came with no surprise. in fact, i yawned and just follow through. nothing special here. for kids only as the storyline is predictable and require no intellect at all. for that, i easily will award 2 star only.

thus, why the 3.5 star? well, because the Side Dish is fresh and likeable. to the spinoff, came a short story of Puss in Boots and the three Diablos. and it is a saving grace..

i enjoyed the short story very much. memang the three Diablos tu cute sangat. truly adorable with their round black eyes :)

oh well, i do enjoy animated story sometimes.

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