Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Year

i was planning on reviewing this movie yesterday, as to keep in theme of the leap year thingy. but alas.. heaps of work detained me..

nonetheless let's start shall we?

the Poster:

the Trailer:

the Plot:
After long waiting for her boyfriend, Jeremy (Adam Scott) to pop out the WYMM question, Anna Brady (Amy Adams) decided to take her chances on the Leap Year to propose to him as the Irish tradition stated that on that auspicious Leap Day, a woman can propose to a guy and be accepted. the problem is Jeremy went to Dublin and Anna had to go there in order to get her luck through. on her journey to meet Jeremy, Anna had to take a lot of detours accompanied by the surly Declan O'Callaghan (Matthew Goode) and in the process found out that heart can change so swiftly if you met the right person for you.

the Riviu:
i enjoyed this movie, Anna and Declan were nice together. their chemistry believable, their squabbles funny. and the tipping point was the wedding vows shared by the Bride. sorry, i was intending to embed it but no such luck. and that sweet vows earned at least a star.

the pairing is believable in a way that i can relate to both Anna and Declan, as to how they can fall in love. the question about the fire alarm is also something that i should put in mind to ask. kan?

the movie was deemed somewhat a flop in box office terms (though it earned more than its initial budget) but to me, as long as you enjoy the movie, the chemistry, well, that's good enough for me. however, the part where Declan walks out from the bar upon hearing Anna's declaration, that one is somewhat hard to swallow. at least you say something, demmit!

and Adam Scott is different in this movie as compared to "Friends with Kids". Here he seems less assertive and somewhat cold. i mean, who gives a girl a pair of diamond earings when it's already past time for you to get a ring instead! and to propose marriage in order to snag a dream apartment, that's much too cold, man. no wonder Anna walked out.

oh well. here's some snapshots :)
(Anna's hoping for a diamond ring but alas...)

(Declan refusing to help carry her Louis Vuittons)

(pretending to be the O'Brady Callaghans to get a room)

(the Final Scene, a Proposal by the Cliff)

the OST:

Just Say Yes by Snow Patrol

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