Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Telemovie: Mimpi Biar Sampai Ke Bintang

for a change, i'd like to write on a Malay Telemovie that is currently my favourite: Mimpi biar Sampai ke Bintang or loosely translated, Dream up to the Stars. in layman's expression, if you dream, dream high up to the Stars. even if you cannot reach the star, at least your dream might touch the sky.

the Trailer:

the Movie:

the Plot:
a simple love story between a guy of millionaire background and a girl from working class. their love story blossoms even though they pretended to be the opposite of their real life standing. Alya (Elfira Loy) was a good daughter who helps her single mom at the market, selling chicken. Her life however was always plagued by her exasperating younger brother (Ezzrin Loy).

Andy (Randy Pangalila) on the other end was an Indonesian guy coming from a rich family and thoroughly disgusted with the fake people who flocked around him for selfish reasons. his life at home is no sweet-smelling affair either as he always locked horns with his stepmom (Hanez Suraya) who often sugar coats her claws into Andy's back whenever possible. She in fact persuades Andy's father to sack Mak Yam (Didie Alias) as the home help just because the latter found out about her infidelities.

Alya, due to the machinations of her bubbly, kind-hearted rich friend, Kinah (Sharifah Sakinah), was falsely promoted in FB as a rich person in order to snag a wealthy suitor. meanwhile Andy on Mak Yam's advice passed himself off as a guy who worked for his mother.

Andy and Alya connected through FB and went out on dates. Andy was attracted to the fact that Alya is by no means snotty and really down to earth. As for Alya, she is smitten by Andy's devotion to Mak Yam whom he passed off as his impoverished mother.

they fell in love and later, Andy came clean. Alya was ok about the deception as she also found out the truth about him earlier. however, when her side of truth became public, Andy went berserk and humiliated her.

in the end, due to Kinah's meddling, Andy realised his fault and went to seek Alya's forgiveness.

the Riviu:
i love this movie as it is quirky and wholesome. the girl was attractive and really down to earth. even though her mom always put her little brother first, and not even considering to let her continue with her studies after SPM, still she obeyed.

as for Andy, he is the eye candy, i suppose.

the crowd pleasers of this telemovie however are Kinah (Sharifah Sakinah) and Mak Yam. seriously, they are really funny, dow! kinah does exhibit loyalty, level headedness and kindness, regardless her sukatimakbapak dia version of English. as for Mak Yam, yup, she's funny in the deadpan way, especially the scene when Kinah and Alya visited her house on the first date with Andy.

all in all, this telemovie is my favourite local production of the year!

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