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Furious 6: Furious Dynamics, Fast Friends For-EVA!

dem. Furious 6 is F.U.R.I.O.U.S man!

a first 9 uols. and this is a 5 star rating blog (oh the irony). well, as we proceed in due course, you would see why. first thing first, the trailer:


Following their successful Rio heist, Dominic 'Dom' Toretto (Vin Diesel) and his crew of professional criminals have retired around the world: Dom lives with Elena (Elsa Pataky); his sister Mia (Jordana Brewster) lives with Brian O'Conner (Paul Walker) and their son, Jack; Gisele (Gal Gadot) and Han (Sung Kang) have moved to Hong Kong; and Roman (Tyrese Gibson) and Tej (Ludacris) live in luxury.

Diplomatic Security Service agent Luke Hobbs (Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson) and his new partner Riley Hicks Gina Carano) investigate the destruction of a Russian military convoy by former British Special Forces soldier Owen Shaw (Luke Evans) and his crew.

Hobbs tracks down Dom in Spain and persuades him to help take down Shaw after showing him a recent photo of the supposedly long-dead Letty Ortiz (Michelle Rodriguez), Dom's former girlfriend. Dom gathers his crew together and they accept the mission in exchange for full amnesty for their past crimes, allowing them to return home to the United States; Mia and Elena remain with Jack in Spain.

The crew travels to London where one of Shaw's henchmen leads them to Shaw's hideout, but it is revealed to be a trap intended to distract the crew and police while Shaw's crew performs a heist elsewhere, namely the Interpol Headquarters. Brian and the rest of Dom's crew leaves in hot pursuit for Interpol whilst Dom, Hobbs and Riley wait for Shaw's next move.

Without long Shaw flees by car, detonating his hideout behind him and disabling most of the police force, leaving Dom, Hobbs and Riley to pursue him.

As Brian and the crew arrive at the Interpol Headquarters, they are shot at by the awaiting Shaw's crew.

Han and Gisele's cars are damaged but Brian, Ramon and Tej are able to pursue Vegh (driving a flip car) and Shaw's other crew along the London streets. Using technology that enables front tires locking, Tej and Roman crash whilst Brian with his reflexive instinct manages to avoid crashing and continues to pursue Vegh and the rest. However, in the tunnel using deceptive ploy, Vegh flips Brian over before the gang drives away.

In the meantime, Dom and Hobbs continue to chase Shaw before Letty arrives to help him escape. Leaving Shaw to Hobbs, Dom pursues Letty instead but she shoots Dom without hesitation before escaping. Back at their headquarters, Hobbs tells Dom's crew that Shaw is stealing components to create a Nightshade device which can disable power in an entire region; he intends to sell it to the highest bidder.


Meanwhile, Shaw's investigation into the opposing crew reveals Letty's relationship with Dom, but she is revealed to be suffering from amnesia and have no memory whatsoever of her past.


Dom's crew investigates a Shaw subordinate who reveals Shaw's connection to Arturo Braga, a drug lord imprisoned by Brian back on US grounds.  however the crew is attacked by Shaw's crew including Letty. One of Shaw's crew dies in the ensuing shootout that leads the rest to scamper away. Roman and Han pursue Jah (Joe Taslim) whilst Riley takes on Letty in a girl on girl fight, feisty and brutal. In the end, Jah and Letty escape their chasers and go back to their hideout.
Using the info on Braga, Brian connects the dots together to deduce that Letty was known by Braga through him when she was doing undercover stint before to help FBI capture Braga. Knowing that he has to go to Braga in Los Angeles to find out more, Brian comes up with a plan where he returns to the US as a prisoner to gain access to Braga.

In a solitary cell,  who discloses how Letty survived the explosion that was thought to have killed her; Shaw attempted to finish her off but after learning of her amnesia, he took her in. Braga further tips Brian that Shaw has eyes and hands everywhere, that he won't let anyone close for granted. everything is orchestrated and each move calculated. Aided by a former colleague in the FBI, Brian is released from prison.


In London, Dom challenges Letty in a street racing competition, and afterwards as they agree to stop some place secluded, Dom gets to know that Letty has no idea of her past and her relationship with him. He doesn't give up and instead recounts the moments behind her scars. It moves her but instead, she chooses to leave, but not before Dom returns her necklace he had kept.

As Letty left, Shaw shows up and share a conversation with Dom. He offers for Dom to leave with his family, acknowledging that Dom lives by a code of his own: treating his crews as his family that he is sworn to protect. Dom agrees with one condition, that is Letty to leave with him. Ultimately as Shaw threatens to kill Dom with his sniper ready, Dom returns the courtesy with Hobbs aiming the laser point likewise to Shaw's chest. Clearly at stand-off, Shaw retreats.

Tej tracks Shaw's next attack to a NATO base in Spain. His crew assaults a military convoy carrying a computer chip to complete the Nightshade device. Dom's crew interferes, destroying the hijacking convoy while Shaw, accompanied by Letty, commandeers a tank and begins destroying cars along the highway.

Brian and Roman manage to flip the tank; Letty is thrown from the tank and Dom risks his life to save her from falling to her death.


Shaw and his men are captured, but he reveals that he has kidnapped Mia. The crew is forced to release Shaw, and Riley (revealed to be working for Shaw) leaves with him; Letty chooses to remain with Dom. Shaw's group board a large aircraft in motion on a runway as Dom's crew gives chase. Dom, Letty, Brian, and Hobbs board the craft; Brian rescues Mia and they escape using a car on board.

The plane attempts to take off but is held down by excess weight as Han, Gisele, Roman, Tej, Brian, and Mia tether the plane to their vehicles. Gisele sacrifices herself to save Han from one of Shaw's henchmen. Letty kills Riley and escapes with Hobbs to safety, but Dom pursues Shaw and the computer chip. Shaw is thrown from the plane as it crashes into the ground; Dom drives one of the remaining cars through the nose of the exploding plane and reunites with his crew, giving the chip to Hobbs to secure their amnesty.

In the aftermath, Dom and his team return to the United States. Hobbs and Elena (now working with Hobbs) arrive to confirm the crew are free; Elena accepts Dom has chosen Letty over her.

As Dom's crew gather to share a meal, Dom asks Letty if the gathering feels familiar; she answers no, but that it feels like home.

In Tokyo, while Han is in a car chase, he is hit by an oncoming car; Han's car explodes, killing him. The other car's driver (Jason Statham) walks away from the scene and calls Dom, leaving him a message: "You don't know me. You're about to."

Man... this blew the roof! I tried pegging them to 4.5 star but dem, it's hard!

I really enjoy this and wouldn't mind hitting replay, mind you. the adrenaline junkie would appreciate the chasing scenes, the fights and definitely the speed. i'd love to quote Owen Shaw: "Tonight these common criminals are within seconds away from taking us down. Show them the respect that they deserve or it weakens us." perghh.. sensible philosophy. Luke Evans did a good job in this one, a very respectable villain. Intelligent and charismatic. With a very good voice.

The relationship, the chemistry between the characters, Han and Giselle is heartbreaking. i mean, you gotta love Han.. the shy smile, the protectiveness, the way he always got Giselle's back. mak aii..

i'm always in love with Han being in love with Giselle. right off from the fourth and fifth movie. but this movie is the pit. it surprises her too, the real intensity of his feelings for her. and when she dies, a part of Han dies too. and it saddens me, which explains why in the consequent films he always wears that sad look. when Han later died in that car crash, i couldn't help but feel a part of Fast n Furious family died too.

and talking about dying, Paul Walker's recent demise surely rocked the franchise to hell and high water. his quick smile, swagger and confident demeanor is irreplaceable. i wonder how Furious 7 is going to handle that. some talks about his younger brother playing him with CGI thrown in. but IMHO, it won't be the same. too bad the storyline is unlike  The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus where the recently departed Heath Ledger was brilliantly immersed in the story seamlessly. but then, it's a challenge the film productions gotta take care of, the legion of fans gonna screams blue murder if they don't.

if only Brian can come back to life like Letty did. but it's not meant to be kan? it made me smile when Dom recounts the stories behind the scars Letty had. it was bittersweet. and that jump of faith, perghh.. i could fall in love there and then.

this film shines for many things. there is heart here. family. laughters and jokes aside (often at the expense of Roman), it is a serious filming done. the fight scenes between Letty and Riley, that was a hardcore street fighting whilst Han and Roman just took a beating lesson from Jah, one that they won't forget easily.

perhaps Hobbs coming into the franchise with understandable camaraderie with Dom could balance the equilibrium again. true, there's no F&F without Brian but like Tokyo Drift has gone before, given the speed, the believable storyline and warm heartfelt kinship, the franchise could survive.

about cars, i have to admit, the Flip Cars are amazingly breathtaking. the speed, the smooth transmission, dem. it's a real Beauty to me! and adding a tank into the equation, man, this IS a vehicular warfare!

however, the scene with the airplane, it doesn't gel well for me. the fights were ok but the logistics of the plane, it was derailed but still the movements of the inside vehicles are somewhat too static, too stable for my taste. and i wonder, why didn't the pilots close off the ramp as they prepared to take flights? kasi can geng baik2 terjunkah?

btw the soundtrack was this one!

yup these guys own it!

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