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Ramona and Beezus: why not just Ramona?

the Answer:

Because it is based on the Beverly Cleary's books which focus on Ramona Quimby and her sister Beatrice, known as Beezus. Beezus and Ramona is realistic fiction, written from nine-year-old Beezus' point of view, as she struggles to get along with her four-year-old sister. the movie however focus more on the antics of Ramona, the exasperating precocious pest.

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the Plot:
this movie touches on the relationship between Ramona (Joey King), a precocious girl with her family, mostly with her big sister, Beatrice 'Beezus' (Selena Gomez). her father, Robert (John Corbett) was laid off and her mother, Dorothy (Bridget Moynahan) was left to be the sole breadwinner.

the relationship between Ramona and Beezus was like a seesaw, angry bursts a minute, a loving cuddle next, unlike the close relationship that their Aunt Bea (Ginnifer Goodwin) and Dorothy shared. Ramona was annoying, imaginative and somewhat behaving like a pest, where all that she touched often end up causing troubles not only to herself but also to those around her. she hardly had any friend, save for her neighbor, Howie (Jason Spevack).

in the meantime, Aunt Bea was courted by her high school sweetheart, Hobart (Josh Duhamel) who in turn is Howie's uncle who just got back from his scientist field trip in Alaska (or somewhat). As for Beezus, she hated her uncool name and worried about her feelings for her longtime friend, Henry (Hutch Dano).

as the family dealt with their ups and downs, Ramona worked through her life, clueless but with zeal and persistence to find the happily ever after for everyone.

the Riviu:

the movie is interesting as far as a family flick is in concern. it taught kids on how to handle such familial misgivings where your dad loses his job, the house is risking bank repossession and what you have to do when things don't get into your way.

believe it, Ramona has tried everything: selling lemonade, washing car, trying out as a Princess in a commercial campaign.

and though she often aggravates her family, mostly Beezus, they tolerates her.

i particularly love Dorothy's response when Ramona decided to run away from home. it was dealt nonchalantly but she also planted heavy stuffs and a baby monitor in Ramona's big suitcase just so she can run away but not that far so the family can catch up to her.

however as for the close relationship shared between Dorothy and Beatrice, it's not so subtle and perhaps wasn't given much emphasis. i only got to know that the close relationship of Dorothy-Bea often becomes the aggravation for Beezus as she regarded Ramona as a pest instead of being a close sister that she deserves.

figuring Beezus out, i believe that SG did a very nice job of portraying a loving sister though how much Ramona's antics embarrass and cause her ire. and her love interest, Henry is very nice too!

Josh Duhamel's Hobart was a very kindhearted guy who deserves the sweet Aunt Bea. though he would sink low by bribing Ramona to get close to Bea, it was done so gallantly and heartwarming. If i was in Bea's shoes, i wouldn't mind hopping into his arms the moment he proposes, figuratively speaking :) he's so nice!

all in all, the chemistry between the actors and actresses was very believable. and Joey King as Ramona does indeed carry and drive the film very well. her connection with her father was very tight and supportive as he struggled over jobless situation and pulling his weight around the house. and who would have known that the longest picture in the world, drawn together by Ramona and her father in order to cheer her up after a very bad day at the school would end up solving their problems and landing Robert a job as an art teacher at Ramona's school?

oh well, we all love a happy ending :)

anyway, the songs played in the movie and the quirky imaginations of Ramona as she plots her next move and such do earn this movie its additional half star. because i love the quirkiness (^^,)t

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