Monday, May 21, 2012

just notes #1

i've been actively reviewing films this month and posting it on Slow Poke. so it wasn't a surprise to note that viewership for the last month had risen to be a 4-digit number.

that much, huh?

thanks for dropping by and showing your support. perhaps you'd like to drop comments or going the extra mile by being a follower to this blog.

by the way, it's interesting to note that the following pieces hold the top number 3 spots as the post with most views:

  1. the Clash of the Titans
  2. Zoolander
  3. the Adventures of Tintin

hmmm, mash-ups of different genre. and again, i invite your suggestions for any movie that you would like to appear here. i swear, i'll try to do it less slowpoke-ish :)

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