Monday, February 27, 2012

two Adam Scott movie reviews coming right up!

blame it on "Friends with Kids", i'm totally smitten with Adam Scott. oh wait, blame it on Kristen Wiig, the guys in her movies, before were unnoticed, after were da BOMB! in a great way definitely :)

i was slow-pokey again on "Leap Year". but i guess you guys will wait for it. i assure you that both of these two movies are a fave on the night when you just want a feel-good romantic story to warm your toes in a good way.

anyway, do a bit of waiting for me ya :)

he's 38 by the way, married with two kids. looks so young kan? even michael fassbender who is 34 by the way, looks much older. anyway, umm, YUM!

which reminds me, i haven't done any ground work on "Jane Eyre" and "X-Men: First Class" yet! arghhhh.. so slow-pokey betul!

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