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the Pretty One: a story of finding oneself


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Laurel and Audrey (both by Zoe Kazan) are identical twins. Although they look the same on the outside, their personalities are very different. After their mom died, Audrey has left the town to work as a real estate agent in the city whilst Laurel stays home to take care of their father, Frank (John Carrol Lynch.

On the day of their birthday, Audrey comes back home where she notices how unhappy Laurel is when Hunter (Sterling Beaumont) makes a pass at Audrey. It upsets Laurel as the morning beforehand she has lost her virginity to Hunter.

After the birthday party, Audrey invites Laurel to stay with her in the city. Trying to cheer Laurel up, Audrey takes her out for a makeover where innocently Laurel has asked the hairdresser to cut her hair similarly to Audrey's. At first it is kind of upsetting Audrey but she got over it, as they talk it over the drive home.

When they get in a severe car crash together, Laurel is taken to the hospital and is informed that her sister has died. Suffering from post-traumatic amnesia, Laurel doesn't remember being who she is at first. The morning of her sister's funeral, she remembers who she is but decides to keep everyone thinking that it was she who had died and not Audrey. It is not on purpose but rather because her father's girlfriend let slip about how weird Laurel is as she was about to tell Frank that it is Audrey who died. Her words make Laurel keep silent. Then at the funeral, nobody seems to have anything to say the last words in the memory of her. getting hysterical, Laurel rants about her disappointment at everyone for taking Laurel for granted before running away to Hunter's. There she is further aghast when Hunter confesses that it was Audrey that he loves, not Laurel.

Feeling dejected, Laurel then flies back to the city where Audrey used to live. There, she meets her sister's tenant Basel (Jake Johnson) who is confused about her sudden change of personality, because Audrey was never nice to him before.

Living her life posing as her sister, she learns that Audrey had a boyfriend, Charles (Ron Livingston) who is married, but broke up with him before the accident. Laurel continues to spend more time with Basel and Audrey's best friend Claudia (Frankie Shaw), who is suspicious about Audrey's change of behavior.

Laurel begins a relationship with Basel, and they fall in love.

When she finally feels that she is adapting to her new life, she accidentally tells her boss that Charles is her ex-boyfriend, not knowing that Charles is actually her boss's husband, and gets fired immediately. Shortly after this, Basel proposes to Laurel saying that he loved her since he first met her. Laurel, unable to continue deceiving everyone, decides to tell Basel the truth about her being Laurel all along. Devastated, Basel breaks up with her.

Laurel returns to her father's home and he is shocked after she tells him the truth. They have another funeral for Audrey, since the first one was for Laurel. After this, Laurel realizes how much people cared for both her and her sister, helping her come to terms with her own insecurities about being the less fortunate one of the pair.

Laurel returns to the city as herself and looks for Basel who still loves her. In the end he forgives her, they share a kiss and start making plans for the future.

i have always been a fan of ZK after watching her movie What If with Daniel Radcliffe. She's quirky and i love how her whole face lights up when she smiles.

and in this movie, she doesn't disappoint. her portrayal of Laurel's frustration and bewilderment is topnotch. it was an honest mistake that happens at first but in her journey to find her true self, Laurel understandably decided to live her cool twin's life for a change. when she found the equally quirky Basel, she really fell for him. and he her. i love how comfortable they are in their playful quirkiness.. it is really heart-rendering.

the movie is ok enough to enjoy. it's a simple movie on how to deal about losing someone. first you have to move on, change the scenery, deal with the situation and lastly have someone companionable to share your loss. it is not easy, but it is going to be worth it. as for Laurel, she was finally brave enough to reach out and say out loud what she wants, that is to share her life with Basel, whom i might add, is handsome in his own sweet way :D

all in all, not a bad movie at all.

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