Monday, December 21, 2015

A Gift Wrapped Christmas: a feel good flick

In the Lifetime TV movie A Gift Wrapped Christmas, playful personal shopper Gwen (Meredith Hagner) tries to soften the heart of her new client Charlie Baker (Travis Milne). He’s got a lot on his plate – he’s an ambitious businessman and single dad to 8-year-old son Owen. While Gwen does her best to get Charlie into the holiday spirit and to spend more time with Owen, she falls in love.

I like this movie merely for Gwen. She's a very likeable character that Charlie and Owen couldn't help but fall in love with her. Her bubbly self carries this movie forth despite Charlie being dour almost all the time. I wonder what is it that makes Gwen falls in love with Charlie because his non committal expression would have driven me mad so soon than you can spell Boo! All in all it's an enjoyable movie whenever Gwen was on. People responded to her warmth and genuine affection. I also adore the chemistry she shares with her married sister whom she's staying with. It seems so genuine. Such as Gwen's warmth towards Owen. She handles him oh easily, like and adult should do to young children.
I seem to notice that Meredith Hagler do look a lot like Kate Hudson especially when she's being all goofy and playful. Reminds me of KH in how To Lose a guy in 10 Days je.

Gwen easily clicks off with Owen
Gwen's family also warms up to Charlie and Owen

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