Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Just Notes # 6 : the Reasons why I don't write

i haven't been actively reviewing movies lately. i guess, it is a sabbatical thingy. i'm too invested in the writing process, particularly when it involves my favourite actors/actresses.

sure, during the last week, i've watched "the bridesmaids", "horrible bosses", "TLOTR: return of the king", "never been kissed" and etc. some of the stories struck a very deep cord inside and i haven't been able to write anything worth reading. besides, "Kabhi Kushi Kabhi Gham" keeps collecting cobwebs as we speak.

and i kept reneging upon my promise to watch Michael Fassbender's "Shame" (and write a review)... :sigh:

looking at his tortured self pun dah bikin tak sampai hati. how will i endure the full film?


emm- no way i can watch and review "Shame". if i do, i would be so much aSHAMEd myself. so there. sorry but no can do.

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