Saturday, December 24, 2011


Ji~~ i watched Bollywood film too. and this one seems to blow away some habitual conclusion that Bollywood films are only melodramatic lovey-dovey sapppy stories. yup, how the mighty India film makers have grown. and should it be made by Malaysians, wpuld have been deemed as 1-Malaysia themed, as its main characters were comprised of multi ethnic actors/actresses.


a somewhat loser of a Dad, Shekhar (Shah Rukh Khan) had created a game that is catered to his Son's whims: a Villain that is too powerful for the Hero to beat. the advance in technology has made that the Villain, RA.One able to escape from the virtual world into our realm and go on rampage to kill the person who played the Hero, which is actually the Son, Prateek (Armaan Verma) with a moniker: Lucifer.

so RA.One escaped and killed numerous people (Akashi, Shekhar, Akashi's mom) to reach his ultimate victim: Lucifer. and Prateek in order to stop RA.One had freed G.One, the hero that resembles his Dad, only much cooler. Sonia (Kareena Kapoor), his mother and Shekhar's wife, decided that after Shekhar's death, they are better off at India. after eliminating RA.One (he'll be resurrected again, though - the Villain is unbeatable, you see..), G.One tagged along in order to protect Sonia and Prateek, whilst making a pass at Sonia along the way.

taking refuge at the family's home in mumbai, India, the pseudo family was later pursued by RA.One, this time assuming a decidedly delicious villain body of Arjun Rampal. Prateek was later kidnapped, Sonia was brainwashed and made to drive a speeding train full of people, and G.One had to save them all.

la-la-la happened that culminated to the scene where RA.One and G.One battled each other for survival. Prateek helped G.One to survive and together they eliminated RA.One once and for all. G.One then died too, leaving Prateek, his H.A.R.T., the essence of his being, so told.

6 months later, back in London, being a computer whiz that Prateek is, G.One was reincarnated again.. the End.


corny scene 1: shekhar's Hairdo!!!

corny scene 2: it made me cringed at the airport scene where a gay Police salivates mentally at a multi-pierced G.One. euwww.. how indeed the Bolly film has transversed!

corny scene 3: where Sonia has to shout "touch me" in order for G.One to save her. hello! just shout 'save me' je boleh tak?

corny scene 4: the one that had Chitti (Rajnikanth) appearing for the first time. enough said! (i am still mentally cringing!)

corny scene 5: the helplessly infectious corny song scene of Chammak Challo.. hahahah

corny scene 6: the train wreck that cost india's railway landmark building. serious. how can a part of a speeding train can cause that much damage? hello! also the scene where a Volkswagon 4 wheel drive smashed clean its way through a double decker bus was a bit too much. really. it made me think of having that car for its ability to stay undented even after a high speeding car chase.

i enjoyed this movie somewhat. the sci-fi effects were good, especially the first fight between RA.One and G.One in the real world. when cars are flying so magnificently, i'm salivating through and through!

yar, the movie is corny and cheesy, but entertaining and surely a cut above the usual Bollywood films that we always expected to be. but then, i haven't watch Enthiran yet, which i was told, was of the same genre as RA.One. Indian SFX movies, who would have imagined :grins:

but then, the plot is lacking, really. the relationship between G.One and Sonia was lukewarm though the script was telling us that G.One is amorous and keeps making a pass at Sonia. the story didn't at all include pihak berkuasa, even though the car driven by Sonia is wrecking everything here and there across London to escape RA.One in Akashi's form. agaknya polis semua bercuti ya? and the part that even though there were deaths at the wrecked lab where RA.One was made, the company still decided that there will be a launching, yes, in India for goodness sake! couldn't they put two and two together and see that the games are fatal?? plus, what multi million company would be satisfied that the ultimate game they are launching is only a 3-level game? no players would be satisfied to have the game ends so abruptly. so not commercially viable!

and yes, shouldn't there be a soft launching where kids are able to play it first so that the company will be ensured of the marketability of its product? is Prateek's enthuasism alone deemed enough? and what company would invest to build a game that follows one kid's whim?

hmmm.. yes, the plot got big holes... but was charming enough, for kids these days, i think.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

the Switch

no, not the brilliant dancer Switch, but a movie called 'the switch'!

the Plot:
Wally (Jason Bateman), Kassie's BFF had accidentally spilled a sperm donor's 'speciment' and had to substitute it with his. As he was heavily drunk while doing it, he had no recollection of it whatsoever. until, after the son who was born away from him came back into town, nearly 6 years old and showcasing many traits so not unlike him. from thereon, Wally struggled to convey the truth to Kassie in order not to lose both Kassie and the son, Sebastian (Thomas Robinson).

the Trailer:

the Riviu:
yup, the clip summarised it nicely. i heard that it was a flop, not much favored as the movie came out almost at the same time as 'the Backup Plan', a very enjoyable movie by Jennifer Lopez and Alex O'Loughlin. but o boy, i enjoyed the Switch at its own pace, and characters. both Wally and Sebastian are adorable, relatable and likeable. i think their eccentricities and bondings were the charms of the movie. of course the chemistry between KAssie and Wally was a bit stunted, with only Wally showing real feelings about it, but they are decent. i would have like it better if the movie ends with the family expanding their brood. perhaps that could give some dimension to the relationships..

all in all, i love the way the movie mellowed me into the story, and never let my attention to waver. do try it peeps, you might end up liking the movie too!

one of the most likeable father-daddy tag team :)

p/s: i wish i have a BFF as cool as Wally!

update: rating's been revised. i so love this movie that a rewatch is as much fun :)

Thursday, December 8, 2011


i'm so slowpoke, eh?

but don't worry, we'll have a few movies review soon. any suggestion on any particular movie that you want me to review? pls drop in your suggestion, ya..