Sunday, November 20, 2011

RED: Retired, Extremely Dangerous

i've watched this at cinema and fell in love instantly. and as i watched it again, in the comfort of my home, still, i find myself enjoying the movie immensely.

it is about the life lead by handfuls of ex CIA operatives when they retire. the main character, Frank Moses, one of the best agents in the fields, led his life alone and content himself only by monthly phone calls made to Sarah, a worker at the Pension Dept. he's smitten with her and when his house was ambushed one night by rampaging shooters, he just got to get Sarah before his attackers find, and kill her too.

En route to uncovering why he is on the hit list, he called for his friends' help, retired agents like him also. he is also pursued by the CIA agent, William Cooper who was sent to get him without any reason given.

along the trail and clues left by a murdered reporter, they pieced the clues together to point out that it was the Vice President of America's doing that put them on the hit list. So, Frank retaliated by capturing the VP for an exchange of Sarah who was captured during their mission to uncover the truth.

as Frank had passed some of the clues to Cooper, the younger agent began to doubt the rationality behind the order of his superior to kill Frank and his friends. during the shootout, the identity of the culprit ordering the hits was revealed. with Cooper's help, Frank cleared his name and escaped with his friends.

and Sarah finally reciprocated Frank's feeling and become his gf.

now, what i like most about this movie is the chemistry between all the characters. even JM is a delight in his eccentricities. Sarah's glee as she joined the mission to infiltrate CIA's headquarters. and Frank's bashful admission of romantic feelings for Sarah.

all in all, i really enjoyed this movie. both BW and KU were such a delight!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Date Night

i put off watching 'Date Night' for quite a time. and one boring night, decided to have a go at it.

a few plots seem too much inplausible.. for example, the polices are quick at identifying the Fosters as the culprits behind break and entering but somehow let them go at that without bringing them to justice. which is a wonder for me.

but to give the movie credit, i do dig the Fosters. they are just a normal couple, in love with each other but just find that the zing just left their love life. their ritual at having a customary date night is commendable. it shows that they do try to have a couple time. something that today's couples should have too.

and they have this comfortable way of sharing the same interest, that is, guessing at other people's conversation/relationship :grins: i mean that's cool!

the movie is enjoyable from start to finish. i laughed out loud for the scenes at the club. the one where the corrupt DA commanded that they dance, they did, only with each other! which is funny, given the situation, they are at pole dance club for goodness sake! and the one when the husband helps the wife to do the 360 degrees rotation by the pole, hilarious!

yup. i do enjoy the movie :D

Uncertainty: certainly will put you to sleep


thanks to unifi, i now have the privilege to watch indie films at the comforts of home. nice!

i've been wiki-ing on Joseph Gordon-Levitt's past works and this guy sure got a lot of indie movies under his belt. though masses do tend to identify him with Inception (smooth!), (500) days of summer (lovable!) and ten things i hate about you (dorky!), just to name a few, i believe that his other work also warrant some peeking into.

so i watched 'uncertainty'. some movie that focus on this couple, kate (Lynn Collins) and bobby (JGL) on the crossroads of making life-changing decisions on the eve of fourth of July. kate is an aspiring actress waiting for a break but somehow is 11 weeks pregnant. whilst bobby has a job of which i'm not sure what but he knows how to fix computers.

the movie explores the idea of the uncertainty principle which brings the movie to be split into 2 set of events moving in complete opposite direction but somehow, helping the couple to decide on what to do for their future. kate and bobby are at some bridge where they each choose opposing paths ahead of them. at the end of the bridge, kate got into a taxi that has bobby in it with a misplaced handphone wanted by mobs, whilst on the other end of the bridge, bobby runs off into a green van driven by Kate en route to her family's home.

kate's path is more eventful with the chasing by the mobs and yada-yada when bobby decided to pass the handphone for a price. as for bobby's path, it's much sombre and only punctuated by family dramas during the couple brief stay for kate's family dinner.

all in all, i think the movie is pointless. boring. no wonder wiki doesn't have much to say about it. but here's some explanation given by wiki regarding the uncertainty principle that this movie based on:

In quantum mechanics, the Heisenberg uncertainty principle states a fundamental limit on the accuracy with which certain pairs of physical properties of a particle, such as position and momentum, cannot be simultaneously known. In other words, the more precisely one property is measured, the less precisely the other can be controlled, determined, or known